The Day After Podcast with Jeffery Austin: Week of 9/30

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It’s Gwen Stefani’s birthday, so my “The Day After” co-host Jeffery Austin and I are celebrating the only way we know how: by talking about The Voice and The Masked Singer for over an hour, of course! But we do also share our favorite personal memories of Gwen.

Here is mine:

Yes, that Patrick Nagel jacket was the best purchase I ever made. Thanks, Gwen!

OK, moving on. Please join in on our Masked Singer guessing game, as we try to figure out the identities of the Black Widow, Leopard, and Flamingo, and enjoy our usual Voice snark. And do have a listen to our funky theme song by our Season 6 American Idol pals (and recent The Big Stage musical guests!) Blake Lewis and Brandon Rogers.

And, if you prefer the written word, check out my Voice, Masked Singer, Songland, and RuPaul’s Drag Race articles on Yahoo Entertainment here.

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