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David Archuleta on controversial coming-out song ‘Hell Together’: ‘If this is causing a bit of a stir, so be it … if It saves someone’s life’ By

(Photo : Shaun Vandella) David Archuleta, then and now. When David Archuleta became an overnight American Idol sensation at age 17, he also became a default “ambassador,” like it or...

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David Archuleta on coming out, struggling with suicidal thoughts, being ‘done’ with the church and dating men By

“I feel like I’ve had to distance myself, really, from what I first based my faith on, and just faith in general,” says the former American Idol teen star, who...

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David Archuleta reflects on coming out at age 30: ‘I wish when I was a little kid that there was someone talking about this’ By

In June of this year, David Archuleta, one of the most popular American Idol contestants of all time, came out as being on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum — in an emotional...

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David Archuleta Opens Up About His Post-’American Idol’ PTSD By

When David Archuleta competed on the “David versus David” season of American Idol at the height of the show’s mania, he was only 17 years old and not at all...

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