The Day After Podcast with Jeffery Austin: Week of 1/18

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We are now four episodes into RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13, and we finally know who the “Pork Chop of the season” is. And sadly, it’s Kahmora Hall, who despite having some of the best runway looks of the season — or any season — struggled in last week’s musical number and this week’s acting maxi-challenge. But at least this “walking painting” sashayed away in style.

This week, my “The Day After” cohost, The Voice Season 9 finalist Jeffery Austin, and I discuss Kahmora’s bittersweet exit and much, much more. Is Symone the queen to beat? Has ice-skater Denali lost her footing? Is Tina Burner overconfident and overrated? Is trade of the season Joey Jay still single? Can Jeffery name at least five non-”Believe” Cher songs? Why does Jeffrey Boyer keep showing up on RuPaul’s Drag Race? Why do queens keep showing up on the runway in outfits they can’t move in? And can the RuPaulmark Channel be a real 24/7 channel on the WOW Presents app, please?

And since, as the song goes, drag is all over the world — it’s a phe-nom-e-non, it will go on and on — we also get into our hopes and dreams for Drag Race Canada Season 2 and the just-announced Drag Race Australia Season 1. And, speaking of amazing musical numbers and acting challenges, we of course Ru-cap the best Rusical EVER in Drag Race herstory, this week’s Rats on RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K.! (Yes, it was a Cats parody, and yes, it paid tribute to the Prodigy. I think Keith Flint would have loved it.) We also debate who the U.K. trade of the season is, because we like to bring to the hard-hitting news, and chat about other random things like the forthcoming Britney Spears documentary and the Valley Girl dialect.

Special thanks to our American Idol pals Blake Lewis and Brandon Rogers for our funky theme song, and if you prefer the written word, check out my The Voice, Drag Race, American Idol, SonglandAmerica’s Got TalentMasked Singer, and Masked Dancer articles on Yahoo Entertainment here.

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