Lyndsey Parker discusses her career on the ‘Chachi Loves Everybody’ podcast

Published On March 22, 2024 » By »

Chachi Loves Everybody takes listeners with Dave “Chachi” Denes as he sits down for candid conversations with radio’s legends, master brand builders, up-and-comers, and innovators in the burgeoning audio space, revealing the true stories behind their successes and their insights into building iconic brands through audio.

It was an absolute blast chatting with Chachi about growing up as a Valley Girl; my avant-garde clothing style and how my mom supported my self-expression growing up; exploring the L.A. music scene and my early music influences, including Duran Duran, the Monkees, and Beatles, and later, MTV; my Porkchops & Applesauce fanzine; my fascination with reality TV and all things pop culture; co-writing the book Permanent Damage and getting the opportunity to collaborate with Miss Mercy and share her incredible life story; and much, much more!

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