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Quentin Alexander had one of the most crazy and controversial runs in American Idol history, due to a heated verbal exchange between him and judge Harry Connick Jr. last Wednesday (an incident that likely led to his elimination in sixth place this week). But when the surprisingly sweet, soft-spoken, and humble New Orleans singer visited Yahoo Music to draw an original art piece for our wall of fame, he was everything Zen.

“I do feel like the [Harry argument] was really misunderstood… but I feel like I said what I was supposed to,” Quentin stated. “I wasn’t being disrespectful, it was just me sharing how I feel in that moment — which I was asked. It was the truth. I was hurt; the situation sucked. And I do think it was wack!… It’s something that I did. I put myself in that situation. And I accept whatever comes from it.”

The entire outburst last week actually stemmed from Quentin’s disappointment over seeing his friends Joey Cook and Rayvon Owen in the bottom two, and this week, he was extremely happy about Rayvon’s victory in the Twitter Save sing-off, congratulating Rayvon before Ryan Seacrest even announced the results. But it turned out Quentin had some accidental insider info.

“When we stood there waiting for the results, I actually had a ‘Clay Aiken moment,’ where I glanced over and I saw [Rayvon’s] name,” Quentin revealed. “So I had accepted it, and I was excited, which is why I was like, ‘Congratulations!’… I looked at his face the entire time, because I wanted to see how he responded. And it was good for me that I knew, so that I could enjoy that moment more.”

Now Quentin is looking ahead, not backward, with several artistic projects in the works. As for his Idol experience, he says: “I absolutely have no regrets in this entire competition. Everything I’ve been through here, the good and the bad, has made the journey what it is, and it’s made me the person I am right now.”

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This article originally ran on Yahoo Music.

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