Bret Michaels reflects on 10th anniversary of near-fatal brain hemorrhage: The pain is like an elephant standing on your skull’

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Bret Michaels just released the first volume of this photographic memoir series, Auto-Scrap-Ography, which chronicles the highs and lows of his wild life (which will also soon be the subject of a biopic) — from his lifelong battle with type 1 diabetes, to a near-death experience at the wrong end of a gun at age 16, to his recent star turn as the Banana on The Masked Singer. The latter was certainly one of his zaniest moments, but also a surprisingly serious one. Not only did the Poison frontman choose that particular costume because bananas are one of the best high-energy carbs to bring up a diabetic’s blood sugar, but eerily, his final Masked Singer performance, of Bob Dylan’s mortality ballad “Knockin on Heaven’s Door,” coincided with the 10th anniversary of his most famous brush with death.

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