The Day After Podcast with Jeffery Austin: Week of 3/23

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While it may seem silly to talk about Sherry Pie’s disqualification scandal on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the latest stupid “twist” on The Voice, or Zack Dobbins and Peyton Aldridge’s unprofessional behavior during American Idol‘s Hollywood Week when the world is coming apart, we need escapist entertainment more than ever these days. Plus, we ain’t leaving the house anyway. So why not watch six hours of reality TV and then listen to me and my co-host, Voice Season 9 finalist Jeffery Austin, gab about it on “The Day After” for 100 or so minutes?

Plus, we discuss what might happen if these shows have to go on hiatus, or get creative with production, due to the coronavirus pandemic. But for now, it’s business as usual with Hollywood Week, the Battle Rounds, etc.

Special thanks to our Season 6 American Idol pals Blake Lewis and Brandon Rogers for our funky theme song. If you prefer the written word, check out my Reality Rocks articles on Yahoo Entertainment here. Next week, Jeffery and I will resume our Masked Singer talk as the “Super Nine” semifinalists from Groups A, B, and C compete together for the first time.

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