The Day After Podcast with Jeffery Austin: Week of 3/1

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This is The Voice… 

Yes, this week my “The Day After” co-host, The Voice Season 9 top four finalist Jeffery Austin, and I are back to celebrate 10 years of The Voice,  as the show’s 20th season premieres. Of course, it’s not much of a celebration, since we devote a great deal of this week’s podcast criticizing The Voice‘s failure to launch superstar careers over the past decade or showcase many superstar-potential singers this week. And then we move on to the shows we really want to talk about, American Idol and RuPaul’s Drag Race. It is what it is, and we said what we said.

But don’t worry, Voice fans! We are excited about a few contestants (Raine Stern, Victor Solomon, Zae Romeo, Cam Anthony) and returning coach Nick Jonas’s chances of winning this season. And there is plenty of nostalgic Season 9 talk, because no fewer than three of this week’s Voice hopefuls auditioned with songs Jeffery sang during his run on the show. Clearly Jeffery’s legacy and influence are still felt, 11 (wow, ELEVEN???) seasons later.

And of course, we take our usual conversational detours, covering everything from The Real World (not just the new Paramount+ reboot, but the Miami, London, Paris, Seattle, and San Francisco seasons of the ’90s), to Nokia clamshell phones and the old IdolVote iPhone 3 app, to Nick Jonas’s solo career, to my crush on future Drag Race U.K. winner and my future spouse, Bimini Bon Boulash. (“Lyndsey Bon Boulash” does have a nice ring to it.)

Thanks, as always, to our American Idol pals Brandon Rogers (whose vocals can be heard on the new Coming 2 America soundtrack!) and Blake Lewis for our funky “The Day After” theme song. Next week, Jeffery and I will be back to talk more Idol, Voice, and, if I can convince Jeffery to add one more TV show to his viewing queue, The Masked Singer Season 5. In the meantime, if you prefer the written word, check out my Drag Race, American Idol, The Voice, SonglandAmerica’s Got TalentMasked Singer, and Masked Dancer articles on Yahoo Entertainment here.

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