Don’t Go Away Mad: Mötley Crüe Say Goodbye

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If Mötley Crüe is a band with nine lives, then they cashed in on number eight a long, long time ago — and somehow kept on going. Since forming 33 (yes, THIRTY-THREE) years ago, the Crue have survived numerous brushes with death, plenty of bad PR, a couple temporary lineup shifts, and a brief industrial-techno makeover — and they’re still alive ‘n’ kickin’. But this week, they held a “funeral” for themselves, arriving via hearse to a Hollywood press conference decorated with their own tombstones, where they announced their breakup and final tour with opening act Alice Cooper.


After the conference, the band’s Mick Mars and Tommy Lee sat down with Yahoo Music to discuss their decision to not go away mad (but just go away), as well as their lack of desire for critical acclaim and their hope that someday soon, a new young band with looks that kill will come around to pick up the Crüe’s rock ‘n’ roll torch.

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This article originally ran on Yahoo Music.

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