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What to Expect From Keyboard Cat’s Puppy Bowl Halftime Show By

Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are set to play this Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show, and while they’re sure to deliver a phenomenal performance, fans who don’t...

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Do You Remember The First Time?: The Moog Cookbook By

As the new millennium and all its promise of hoverboards and threats of Y2K meltdown came hurtling towards us back in 1996, the Moog Cookbook arrived in their proto-Daft Punk...

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It’s the Traveling Catburys! Grumpy Cat Forms Kitty Pop Supergroup By

Move over, Traveling Wilburys. See you later, Velvet Revolver. The ultimate supergroup has arrived — the Traveling Catburys, if you will — and they’ve just released what is basically the...

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Kylie Minogue Talks 25 Years of Big Hits and Big Hair By

Incredibly, ageless Australian pop goddess and international icon Kylie Minogue has been in the music business for a quarter-century (her debut single, “Locomotion,” was released in July 1987), and this...

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