So Weird Al Was On ‘My Little Pony’ This Morning

Published On February 1, 2014 » By »

Move over, Andrew WK. You may have spoken at a My Little Pony convention, bizarrely, but there’s a new super-duper brony in Ponyville: Weird Al Yankovic, whose friendship truly is magic. And he too knows how to party hard.

Of course, Al — famous for such food-obsessed comedy classics as “My Bologna,” “Eat It,” “I Love Rocky Road,” and “Addicted To Spuds” — played a party-hearty pony named Cheese Sandwich (the nemesis of the equally tastily named Pinkie Pie) on this weekend’s episode of the Hub network’s My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. And television magic truly ensued.

Who else is missing Weird Al’s own Saturday morning kiddy TV program right now? It truly was ahead of its time. Let’s all enjoy the intro and hope that the Hub will consider renewing the cult show, nearly 17 years after its unjust cancellation:

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