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19 Great 1980s Music Videos Not Actually From the 1980s By

The 1980s was the golden age of music video. MTV was brand-new, there were no rules, and video directors dreamed in neon. It’s no wonder, then, that so many musical...

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The ’80s Called…And They Said This Radio Shack Commercial Is Awesome By

There were exactly three reasons to watch the Super Bowl this weekend: Bruno Mars’s explosive-as-a-grenade halftime show, Joe Namath’s seemingly Macklemore-inspired coat, and Radio Shack’s totally rad, ’80s-inspired commercial. (Please note,...

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Come Fly The ’80s Skies With Delta, Teddy Ruxpin & ALF By

Ah, the ’80s. Air travel was so much radder back then. Billy Idol might crash your flight, serenade you, and facilitate your marriage proposal. Liquids were so permissible, you could bring an...

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Julie Brown’s 30-Year-Old ‘Homecoming Queen’ Has Not Aged All That Well By

This week, I was cruising through the Valley listening to the always endlessly, randomly entertaining Jack FM, when “The Homecoming Queen’s Got A Gun” came on. The 1984 novelty song,...

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I Still Think Cal Worthington Was Saying ‘Pussycow’ By

For nearly three decades, used-auto impresario Cal Worthington (who died today at age 92, R.I.P.) and his “dog Spot” ruled the L.A. airwaves with a series of low-budget, instant-classic, straight-to-UHF commercials....

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