Todrick Hall’s Fake Movie ‘Mean Boyz’ Needs To Be A Real Movie

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Perhaps unintentionally coinciding with the 10th (yes, TENTH) anniversary of Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan has announced that she’s starring in a new reality show on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network. Well, congrats, Lindsay…but you just got OWNED, indeed, because American Idol Season 9 alum and viral video sensation Todrick Hall has come up with a much better, and probably much more watchable, way to celebrate Mean Girls‘ decade of shade.

Behold Todrick’s latest masterwork Mean Boyz, a loving lampoon of Tina Fey’s celluloid classic and the coming-(ahem)-of-age tale of sweet Indiana transplant Cody, as he enrolls in a cliquey West Hollywood high school and falls in with a popular, unambiguously gay trio of BMOCs called the Ken Dolls.

Of course, Todrick is absolutely fabulous as platinum-cropped group leader and the meanest of the boyz, Reggie George. (I need that combination cellphone/sippy-cup he’s always toting around; please tell me that’s an actual thing.) And RuPaul’s Drag Race star Willam Belli is amusing as ever in an all-too-brief cameo as a sexy schoolteacher. (Willam’s ballad “Boy Is A Bottom” can be heard over the Mean Boyz end credits, by the way. Nice touch.)

But it’s Chris “Leave Britney Alone!” Crocker who steals the show as the shade-throwing, Hello Kitty shades-wearing heir to the Grindr fortune, Fetchin’ Wieners. Someone give Chris an Emmy, please…and please tell me where I can get his Sanrio sunglasses, too. These guys know how to excessorize! (Yes, I meant to type “excessorize,” not “accessorize,” people. Relax.)

My only complaint about these glorious four minutes and 55 seconds? It’s only four minutes and 55 seconds. Seriously, this needs to be a full-length feature film. Maybe Oprah can halt production on that Lohan show and fund a 120-minute director’s cut of Mean Boyz instead…


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