Come Fly The ’80s Skies With Delta, Teddy Ruxpin & ALF

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courtesy of Delta

courtesy of Delta

Ah, the ’80s. Air travel was so much radder back then. Billy Idol might crash your flight, serenade you, and facilitate your marriage proposal. Liquids were so permissible, you could bring an economy-sized jug of Dep or a LeSportsac duffel packed with aerosol cans of extra-strength Aqua-Net on board, if you were so inclined.  Old ladies knew how to speak fluent jive.

The folks at Delta Airlines remember what it was like to traverse the much-friendlier skies back in the 1980s. And the airline’s totally tubular new safety video — starring ALF, Teddy Ruxpin, Airplane star Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Gerald Casale of Devo rocking a really bitchen energy-dome hat — serves as a jet-fuel-powered time machine back to those high-flying times.

Check it out, and feel free to do a little Safety Dance while you watch.

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