The Day After Podcast with Jeffery Austin: Week of 9/24/18

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The Voice is back for its 15th season, and so is “The Day After,” featuring myself and Voice Season 9 top four finalist Jeffery Austin — now in even chattier, snarkier podcast form.

First, Jeffery and I catch up on our bitchen summer, which involved attending the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 finale and witnessing Asian O’Hara’s butterfly debacle firsthand (surely our onscreen cameos must have contributed to the show’s long-deserved Emmy Win?); attending the most awkward American Idol concert/meet-and-greet ever; Jeffery suffering Voice PTSD during Sam Smith’s Staples Center concert; and Jeffery releasing new music that has made him a bona fide gay icon, at least according to Wikipedia.

And speaking of new music, check out our snazzy new “The Day After” theme song, courtesy of our good Idol friends Blake Lewis and Brandon Rogers!

Eventually, we get do around to Voice talk — which not only covers this week’s Blind Auditions, but the controversial new Comeback Stage with Kelsea Ballerini; the mysterious disappearance of the contestants’ iTunes singles; the mysterious erasure of “Neon Dreams”‘ the mysterious social media meltdown of Chloe Kohanski; the lack of fanfare for Jordan Smith’s new album’ Blake Shelton’s infuriating misuse of the adverb “literally”; and Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson’s uncanny ability to never, ever mention the rival show they competed on many years ago.

And, if you prefer the written word, you can check out my Voice and Idol reviews on Yahoo Entertainment right here. Jeffery and I will be back next for The Voice Season 15 Blind Auditions week two and all season long. And if you’re at Dragcon NYC, come to my panel on Sunday, Sept. 30 – details here!

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