The Day After Podcast with Jeffery Austin: Week of 4/16/18

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The Voice is back, and so is “The Day After,” featuring myself and Voice Season 9 top four finalist Jeffery Austin — now in even chattier, snarkier, shadier podcast form.

This was a big week, featuring eight hours of television, SIXTY-EIGHT musical performances, and the much-hyped reveals of American Idol‘s top 14 and The Voice‘s top 12. And this week was not without controversy.

Specifically, today Jeffery and I discuss the completely ridiculous real-time, East Coast Voice Season 12 voting format, which didn’t allow any time for contestants to make a mark and led to some very worthy contenders (Wilkes, Terrence Cunningham, Kelsea Johnson, Drew Cole, Reid Umstattd) going home way too soon. As a result, are we left with the most boring top 12 in Voice history? Some angry viewers/tweeters say YES.

Additionally, there were some brutal cuts on American Idol this week — namely Effie Passero, Amelia Hammer Harris, Alyssa Raghu, and Ron Bultongez — while bland WGWG Garrett Jacobs somehow survived. But is Idol‘s top 14 still better overall than The Voice‘s top 12? That too shall be discussed today.

And, most controversial of all: Jeffery Austin does not know who Elliott Smith is. Please send all the shade Jeffery’s way. And go listen to Elliott’s entire discography here.

Finally, if you prefer the written word, you can check out my Voice, Idol, and occasional RuPaul’s Drag Race reviews on Yahoo here.

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