Introducing…Gagalera! Xtina & Gaga Are The ‘Voice’ Finale’s True Winners

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So on last night’s The Voice Season 5 finale, Jamaican powerhouse Tessanne Chin won. Congrats, Tessanne. A much-deserved victory, indeed.

But Ms. Chin was completely upstaged by two other mega-divas last night when, quite jaw-droppingly and glitter-sprinklingly, supposed former foes Lady Gaga and Voice coach Christina Aguilera cracked open the Cristal and seemingly reenacted a classic Saturday Night Live Sweeney Sisters skit for a surprise performance of “Do What U Want.”

And it was the most epic duet to hit the small screen since…um, ever?

So much peroxide. So much shimmer. So much champagne. So much awesomeness. It was like a really sickening lip-synch-for-your-life battle on RuPaul’s Drag Race, except a) no one was lipping, b) no one “f***ed it up,”  c) everybody’s wigs stayed on, and d) by the end of this spectacle, I was yelling, “Shante, you BOTH stay!” at my television screen.

Will anything this amazing happen on the X Factor finale tomorrow night? We shall see, but I don’t think even Gaga teaming with Paulina Rubio for a duet of “Boys Will Be Boys” could reach such levels of sublimely ridiculous artpoppiness.

Check out my full The Voice Season 5 finale recap on Yahoo TV.

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