Detroit Rock Kitty! Hello Kitty Takes On Eminem

Published On December 31, 2013 » By »

Eminem recently released the music video “Rap God,” which spoofed ’80s icon Max Headroom. Now, in the viral Taiwanese video “Cat God,” Max’s fellow ’80s icon Hello Kitty is spoofing Eminem spoofing Max Headroom.


Got all that? Because the meta-ness of this development makes my head hurt…kind of like how Hello Kitty herself would feel if she tied her red bow too tight.

Seriously, this is the strangest (and by “strangest,” I mean “awesome-est”) pop-culture instance of Hello Kitty appropriating a music star’s mouth since graffiti artist RISK slapped Mick Jagger’s bulbous lips and tongue on the usually reticent feline’s blank white face. Hello Kitty isn’t really supposed to have a mouth, you see. It just looks wrong. But sometimes, something can be so wrong, it’s right.

See MC HK spit rhymes and act all Shady in the truly bizarre video below.

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