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It’s the Traveling Catburys! Grumpy Cat Forms Kitty Pop Supergroup By

Move over, Traveling Wilburys. See you later, Velvet Revolver. The ultimate supergroup has arrived — the Traveling Catburys, if you will — and they’ve just released what is basically the...

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TMTH: ‘Idol’ Alum Danny Noriega To Compete On ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’! By

A longer version of this article first appeared on Yahoo Music. As American Idol‘s Danny Noriega might say, this is almost TMTH (too much to handle). The wild Season 7...

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Miley’s Cat-tastic Performance Wins The AMAs, The Internet, Life By

A longer version of this article first appeared on Yahoo Music. When it comes to the American Music Awards, let’s face it: It’s all about the performances. And this year’s...

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Hello Kitty’s Maiden Flight: Flying The Very Friendly Skies With Sanrio By

On September 18, 2013, EVA Air’s “Hello Kitty Hand-in-Hand” jet — a 312-seat Boeing 777 tricked out in the most Kitty-tastic fashion imaginable — touched down at LAX for the...

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I Still Think Cal Worthington Was Saying ‘Pussycow’ By

For nearly three decades, used-auto impresario Cal Worthington (who died today at age 92, R.I.P.) and his “dog Spot” ruled the L.A. airwaves with a series of low-budget, instant-classic, straight-to-UHF commercials....

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Kylie Minogue Talks 25 Years of Big Hits and Big Hair By

Incredibly, ageless Australian pop goddess and international icon Kylie Minogue has been in the music business for a quarter-century (her debut single, “Locomotion,” was released in July 1987), and this...

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