[Troy McClure voice] Hello, I’m Lyndsey Parker, and you may know me from such blogs as Yahoo Music’s Reality Rocks and NME‘s L.A. Woman. This here site is called Lyndsanity!, and it’s a catchall for all sorts of pop-culture fangirling (and fanboying), squeeing, and semi-healthy obsessing.

Do you unsnobbily enjoy music of all sorts, from Abba to Zappa, Katy Perry to Katy B, and Savages to Solange? Do you watch reality shows like American Idol, The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance, and RuPaul’s Drag Race until your retinas burn? Do Hello Kitty, Judy Blume, ’90s infomercials, ’80s video games, ’70s kiddy cereals, cat videos, and/or karaoke videos make you positively tear up with nostalgia and/or laughter? Congratulations, you’re certifiably Lyndsane. And Lyndsanity! is so the place for you. Enjoy.


Lyndsey Parker is a veteran entertainment journalist/professional fangirl known for her tenure as managing editor of Yahoo Music and her weekly music correspondence for Studio 11 LA on Fox 11 in Los Angeles. She’s also the authoress of the e-book Careless Memories Of Strange Behavior: My Notorious Life As A Duran Duran Fan and former editrix of the fanzine Porkchops & Applesauce.

A diehard music and pop-culture freak, Rock & Roll Jeopardy contestant, ex-child actress, and voracious pop-culture vulture, Lyndsey lives in Hollywood, California with her wannabe Internet-famous cat Pussycow, a white snake named Whitesnake, piles of records, and a vintage television set that is always, always on.

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